Saturday, 19 November 2011

First to Praise then to Pray

Students love to delay assignments, quizzes and projects and thought that if whole of the class raise a single request of delay then it will surely delay the task. I used to make and listen such requests throughout my academic career. But reply of Sir Nazir ud Din Akbar to our request km shouting for task delay is worth pondering.
He said “You people don’t know how to ensure your request approval. The art of request is to praise first and then pray i.e. to present the case. Didn’t you ponder upon the beauty of Surah e Fateha, Allah Almighty make you people learn from the very beginning the art of praying i.e. first make your Lord happy and then ask for a favour- Ahdy nas sirat al mustaqeem”
Yesterday sameen javed and nosheen sajida  discussed beautiful duas in the wedding ceremony of our beloved yusra kanwal, sameen added that one should first recite surah fateha and then drood shareef (pbuh) before and after our request.
We should learn from the approved duas of All Prophets (A.S), duas which ensured us the approval if our request is valid.
May Allah Almighty accept our prayers and make us pray in a way He likes. amen

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Life is the name of living sufficiently

In our second semester of bachelors our respectful teacher Sir Nazir ud Din Akbar taught us Digital Logic and Designs (DLD). I learned alot from him and used to note down his worthy tips for successful life in the page margin of my register. He is masha Allah very senior, so students sometime got lost during the lecture if they missed any point.
One day fellow of mine was continuously talking during the lecture and from time to time request for repetition from the instructor. After repeating the concepts two to three times, Sir said a historic sentence "Did you get a sufficient answer? Life is the name of living sufficiently and happily (Meray jawab sy ap ka guzara ho gya. Bs zindgi guzara krny ka naam hai.Khushi Khushi guzara kren)"
No doubt qana'at is the greatest blessing and questioning too much is of no use.

Never ever give up

While shopping for Eid ul Azha, I liked a woolen suit hanging outside the shop. After seeing dozens of other dresses, I finalize that first one I liked with dull pink and grey contrast. In that print and stuff there were number of other colors but the earlier one was really cool but the issue with that were five Greece spots right in the centre of the shawl. The shopkeeper said if you failed to remove these spots you can refund your money. But how can I, after got the dress stitched :)

One day before Eid I tried number of chemicals to remove that Greece spots. Petrol, ‘ANTENNA’, lemon and salt, nothing made much difference. Shopkeeper in the colony said that Greece spots couldn’t be removed by bleach.

Finally I tried ‘Nail polish Remover’. I just dropped few drops of nail polish remover on the spot and spot disappeared within few seconds alhamdulilah.

Lessons Learned:
1) Never let your choice go away if it has any defect. There are 101 ways to remove every defect
2) There is a satisfied solution to almost every problem.
3) Never give up if one solution is not working.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Sorry is for Future

GIKI University, TOPI
GIKI University, TOPI
It was 29th January 2010-Friday, and was a cold day when I along with my 9 dearest fellows and my respectful teacher were leaving for "Programming and Quiz Competition" under "ACM Student Chapter GIKI University, TOPI". We were too enthusiastic due to many reasons. To be with friends in a long journey and a staying trip is no doubt my passion.
When the faculty member ,who is nominated to join us in our GIKI trip, informed us about the money matters of the trip that uni is not going to pay for our meal we have to spend our own money because Sir has received only the cheque for transport arrangement. One of many reasons of our enthusiasm is the real stories of luxurious meals our seniors enjoyed in their GIKI trip last year and the bill was paid by uni ;)
We people got tempered because we were going there just before our finals of 7th semesters(finals were from 1st Feb 2010-Monday) for the name of university, its FJWU who need our participation not us ;). Sir suggested us to visit dean for this SERIOUS matter. Thus we people just went to make our complain there.
Our HOD was on leave that day and acting HOD was Sir Nadeem Fakhar, who was much busy that day, taking viva's of HOD's and his own courses. When he received call from the dean assistant about our complain he called us all in the basement of S-Block.
We made a cool circle there:). In the circle the culprit (Our Respectful Sir who have to join us in our GIKI trip) was straight in front of me. Sir Nadeem started praising us ;) and said repeatedly "Just tell me who refer you people to dean" . The situation was very funny we all were standing obediently while keeping our eyes down the floor. I know Sir was damn sure it must be Sidra Sultana who refer them all for this shameful act of kindness. When sir said "Just tell me who refer you people to dean" and saw me i just put my eyes on the culprit (like saying "that man sir :D").
As he didn't have much time to praise us he released us shortly. After that i and my dearest of all friend Sadia Aslam realized that we people should say sorry to Sir Nadeem, as he was already busy and we added inconvenience in his way. We went in the DLD lab where he was taking viva's, when we said him sorry for our non sense he said "SORRY IS FOR FUTURE". Our respectable culprit had cleared all the scenario to sir before our arrival and our arrangement for meal was made by university. We people enjoyed a lot there in GIKI.
That single sentence "SORRY IS FOR FUTURE" took off guilt from us. Even now whenever i did something wrong i just remember that to overcome the guilt one should do well in future instead of crying over past. Same is the difference between MAGHFIRA (sorry for past) and TOUBA (sorry for past and promise of not doing sins in future).

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Fatima Jinnah


Madar-e-Millat Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah

Fatima Jinnah
 Quaid e Azam | Fatima Jinnah

Fatima Jinnah | As a Politician

Fatima Jinnah | As an Intellect

Fatima Jinnah | In Old Age
Fort of Fatima Jinnah

Saturday, 22 October 2011

FJWU Image Gallery

Main Building


Artisan: Jewellery Display

Artisian: Wooden Pots

Main Building View: Captured from baradari

Friday, 5 August 2011

Lessons I learned from my life

Life is something can't explored completely by anyone. An ongoing struggle is therefore made by people to get their lives improved. "One can't live a satisfactory life without satisfying his/her physical, emotional and spiritual needs" (Faiez Hassan Seyal). The deli-ma is, one even don't know his/her basic needs. One can't differentiate between his/her needs and wants.
The lessons i learned from life soothes me in difficult times, these are not exact the lessons but can be called observations. Following are the natural objects which taught me the following lessons:
time a bubble of water
Time-bubble of water

  • Time:  The beautiful quality of time is that it passes away at its own pace. Despite of the fact that we are willing to let it go or not. In my crucial times of bachelors degree, while facing the worst instructor of my life, the only relaxation i have had with me is that the semester will be over after few months so don't be so depressed and live the time at your best. After that particular semester i love to see back, the time that is passed away smoothly even under tough circumstances. The smoothness is only because of the fact i have in my mind that the time will not be the same forever.
time-burried in sand
Time-burried in sand

    rain and road
    Rain and Road

    • Rain: I love rain. The weather condition before rain is something can't be explained in words. Once i was very much under pressure because of my studies and job, and was on my way to campus from office that it started raining. Within no seconds i was smiling by heart because at that time i realized that my Allah Almighty has showers this rain to take away my worries and was relaxing me to take my class. Allah Subhan na ho wa Ta'allah! you are great. Later on i realized that Allah Almighty has had many other ways to water the land, but He chooses this because He want to provide real peace to people by showing them these natural blessings.
    We should observe the lessons that the nature is giving us. Because its we who need it, not the nature.